Saving the lives of female infants


Mission Statement

Mission Statement:  

A home for every baby.

Vision Statement:

Our mission is to save unwanted babies, provide them with lifelong care, and place them as a citizen of the world, sharing the love of God to reach the unreached, to bring spiritual transformation to the community for the glory of God.


  • Save baby girls from the death by female infanticide.
  • Give education and care them babies lifelong.
  • Conducting awareness program.
  • Start children ministries.
  • Train workers to reach children.
  • Net working with other Churches, organization and NGOs.
  • Conducting vocational Bible school.
  • Recruit more staff as needed for ministry, outreach, and care.
  • Staff development programs.
  • Raising finances to fund the ministry.


  • Save 25 babies from the death before the end of 2018
  • Place two staffs to work among the baby girl Murderer before the end of December 2016.
  • Conduct 10 Infanticide Eradication Awareness Programs before the end of 2016.
  • Start two children ministry within a 6 months time.
  • Conduct a CBC Program on the month of April & May in Madurai District.
  • Meet government official leaders to finish all legal work of Home before ending 2015.
  • Communicate with other Churches, organization and NGOs by E-mail, Newsletter, phone call and visit. Send a staff to do a Child Development Course for 6 months before the end of 2016.

Our Personal Values:


Equality Freedom
Fear of God
Unity and right relationship
Love of God
Worship & Intercession

Plans for Sustainability and Growth:

We are spending all of our time to accomplish our vision, and Gods mission. While caring for these unwanted baby girls and ministering in the murdering districts. We will continue to do the following:

Talk with the village leaders and bring the issues before them,
Unite local churches to pray for the project and the villages,
Raise funds from local churches as well as foreign churches,
Pursue a theological degree in biblical and social studies.

Achievement of June 2006 to February 2013:

Conducted Infanticide Eradication Awareness Programs in eleven different villages.
We don't only have the challenge of saving babies lives; we are also working to change peoples' minds on their viewpoint that baby girls aren't valuable. We want to see the Transformation? among these people and bring them to Christ. For a couple of months we were praying to conduct Awareness program? in the particular areas, by Gods grace we have conducted six Infanticide Eradication Awareness Program in the Madurai district. After we conduct this program we have seen changes in their mindset and the number of babies being murdered is going down from 100 to 70 parentage. We are sure within several years this practice will no longer be happening. Praise the Lord!

About Madurai District:

In Madurai District there are 7 Taluks and 12 Blocks, one of the Taluk is called ?Usilampatty?. In this taluk most of the people are killing their baby girl. According to 2001 census, the total population of this taluk is 179,232. The majority of the population are Hindus. The Christian population is only 2,235 people (1.25%). We have conducted six awareness programs in six needy villages.

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