Saving the lives of female infants


Awareness Programs

We are not only just saving babies from being murdered; we want to stop this practice. We conduct many Infanticide awareness programs in the villages where the murdering is happening. We educate them on how wrong it is to murder babies, that babies are a gift from God, how they can care for them, showing many examples of women main line in the world and so on. We began conducting these programs in the villages, we have seen changes in their mindset and the number of babies being murdered is going down from 100 to 30 parentage. We are sure within several years this practice will no longer be happening. ?Praise the Lord!?

How we conduct these programs?

In the morning we met the people at their home before they leave for work, tell them this evening we are going to conduct a program in a particular place, (Under a tree or church or in a yard) if someone free at home we spent time with them, some people expecting someone like us to share their worries and the family situation, patiently we hear them and slowly share the love of God and pray for them, after they back from the work evening around 6 p.m. all come together in one place, first 20 minutes we ask them how was their work and give some eyes broker to prepare their mind to observe what we going to share, each meetings many people attended and listened the program. End of the program many people came forward and said us that these were all new ideas that they had never heard before. We will rise up against baby murder! Especially many youths said that they will not do this terrible things in their live and try to stop at least in their family and relative, Praise the Lord!? this what we need! Continually we are conducting more Infanticide Eradication Awareness Program. In various villages, we are sure that one day completely God will change their mindset and bring them into His kingdom. Please keep us in your prayers. Your prayers and the financial help make it possible for us to do things for the Lord.

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