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Visit a new baby murdering village...

Posted by Russal on June 14, 2012 at 11:10 AM

I really thank God for he gave us an opportunity to visit an another baby murdering village, in Tamil Nadu, two different district people killing their baby girls as soon as they were born, one is Madurai district, we visit there and saved ten baby girls as you all known, another district is Salem, for long time we were praying to visit this village, now God gave me an opportunity to visit there, in our last month home visit I met a girl who is working in the hills as a missionary, she saw our ten babies and asked about them, when I explain, she said that in her ministry areas many people are still killing their baby girls, so she called me to make a visit the village, I really thank God and fixed a date to visit.

On 10th evening I moved to the Salem district by bus, morning 6a.m. I reached the bottom of the hills, from there only one bus going two times a day, I hair a jeep, two hours to reach the village, hills road is so bad, there was waiting the missionary girl for me, I enter into the village with smiling, people speaking Tamil language, but it is hard to understand, I sit with the girl and know about the people, the terrible stories really broke my heart.

There are ten villages in an area called Kunoor, 75 to 100 families living each village, only one government school for these 10 villages, it 1st to 8th grade, more than 200 children studding in the school, but only one teacher and one headmaster for all these children, some parents came to the school, I talk with them, one lady said: we have two boy and one girl, all are studding in this school, we had another two girls, but we killed them as soon as they were born, because we cannot care them, many more terrible stories like this, I talk with a village man, he said, baby girl murdering is very common in these area, many people hide the baby with alive! Some people pore salt water to the baby and kill her, some people gives a poison which made by plants and many other terrible method.

I just move to the school and play with the children, they were shy to close to me, I took some photos and show to them, then all came around me, they are look like very bad, weekly once they wash their cloths and take shower, many children had running nose and wounds on their face and whole body, parents go to work in the jungle and come back late evening, no one is to care them, I could see they really longing for love, even in the short time I hug them and show the love of God, a few minutes I explain them how to be clean, when I leave them they asked Anna (Brother) when you will come again, my eyes filled with tear and said soon I’ll meet you again.

Again I walk around the village and talk with the girl how we can save these baby girls, she said, they have a medical room, people come for the treatment and many pregnant ladies come for the delivery, in the beginning several years back people leave the baby girls with them, they give them in the city people those are don’t have babies, lately village people misunderstand that they selling their babies and earn money, after that they are not leaving babies with them, after delivery a baby girl they take her with them, if they ask baby! They says: we need our baby, we want to care her, but after they go home right away kill the baby and hide in the jungle, they do not want to give the baby to any individual or children home, there is a only one option to change their mind: we need to conduct some awareness programs in every villages, explain them who we are, what we are doing and how we save these baby girls and care their futures, also we can show our ten babies pictures, then definitely they will change their mindset and let the baby girls to be alive!

It is a big task, need to spend much time and money, we would make a project work over there, our heart is really broke and longing for these innocent baby girls dying, looking unto God to make a way, we urge you continue to pray for us and these people, we are sure one day our prayer will be answered...


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