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We Found and Visited Another Baby-Girl Murdering Village:

Posted by Russal on February 22, 2013 at 12:10 PM

We Found and Visited Another Baby-Girl Murdering Village:


By Russal Raj, co-founder and Chairman, Destitute's Charitable Trust and Girl Baby Home, CHENNAI, INDIA:


We keep researching new areas where people are killing their baby girls. We're so grateful to the Lord, for He has enabled us to save 11 baby girls so far. However, we found another village where people are killing their baby girls.


We prayed and made a visit there on the 18th of February. I contacted an area pastor, and we both went to a village hospital and met some key people. (Unfortunately for security reasons, I can’t give specific details in public.) They shared many terrible stories. It really broke my heart.


They said that many village people are coming to this hospital to give delivery. Most of them do not like or want their baby girl. All of their family will be unhappy if the baby is female!


They become so sad when they find out that the baby is a girl. Sometimes, such sad people even try to kill the baby right there in the hospital, but they are concerned about being caught.


As soon as possible, they discharge and head toward their home. Most of them kill their baby girl before they reach their house. They then lie by telling everyone that the baby died in the hospital.


These things have been happening for a long time now. No one here seemed to care or worry about the innocent baby girls being murdered. We care. That's why we started Girl Baby Home!


I humbly talked with the people of the hospital to get them to help us save baby girls. I ask them to just give us a phone call and to protect the baby from the family until we reach there. Then we will take care of the child. They said yes.


However, I understand that they expect money to do it. I told them that we are not rich. God gave us a burden to save baby girls. Please be part of that with us. "We will try to help you as much as we can," they said at the hospital.


Most of the parents ask for money or they won't let us have their baby but rather kill her.


I spend much time with the families, and I plead with them not to kill their baby or to ask us for money we need to take care of the girls we already have and to take care of their baby if they'll let us have her.


I asked this new family to inform us when the baby is available. I told them we will help them as much as possible. Finally, they agreed!


We keep praying for merciless people to change their minds and hearts and give their innocent babies a chance at life.


Talk With Yet Another Family:


When I was getting ready to go visit this village, I got another phone call from one of our contacts in yet another village. He said that a family is going to deliver a girl this week. They must have had ultrasound or something. They plan to kill her as soon as she is born.


He talked with them to give over the baby, but they don't want to let her live. They falsely believe, satanically believe, the baby will bring a curse upon their whole family. What nonsense! What paganism! What wicked superstition!


I said to him to go again with his wife and talk with the parents to give the baby to us if they don't want to care for her. Still the family refused.


As planned between us, my contact phoned me and turned the phone call over to the family. I prayed to God for wisdom. I used some good points with them and told them we would arranged a clinic to deliver the baby and would pay the hospital charges. They finally agreed.


It brings much joy to our hearts, but still we keep praying that evil, darkness, the devil, should not go again into them and change their minds.


We urge you all to keep praying that the parents of this unborn girl will change and want to keep her and to love and care for her. But if they won't listen to God, as so many don't, then pray that God will deliver the girl over into our hands to love her and care for her and to raise her up to become a fine, upstanding woman, a credit to God. If God wants to use us to save, we are here Lord.


Stopping Female Infanticide:


We want to save these little babies lives; but at the same time, we want to stop the practice altogether.


In fact, the percentage of infanticide is reducing. Some NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) are conducting awareness programs and educating people. We too conduct awareness programs and want to do more and more of it in different villages.


There are many financial needs right now though. Already we are struggling to find a house for our Girl Baby Home. Still, we keep trying to save baby girls. At the same time, we are afraid concerning our current landlord because he does not agree to having so many people in our rented house. If we bring more babies home, there is a possibility he will evict us right away.


If God provides us with land and a house that Destitute's Charity Trust will own outright, then we will not need to worry but can save many more babies.


We urge you to continue to pray and to uphold us.


We are working on a Donation Campaign for Land and Housing and will update our Facebook Page the moment it is ready. Then you will have all the information needed to show your family, Facebook and other friends, your relatives, and your co-workers, etc., what we are doing and how to help us save these little ones Jesus loves and loves you for helping to save them from evil.


Thank you all so much for your great compassion. We couldn't do this without you!


May the Lord bless all of you.


From everyone at Destitute's Charity Trust and Girl Baby Home,



Russal Raj


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Reply Tom Usher
8:20 AM on February 23, 2013 
Bless your whole house! May you get all the land and housing you need to continue your righteous work.

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