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An immediate prayer request?

Posted by Russal on September 29, 2012 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

For long time we are praying to buy a land to build a home for our girl baby home, but because of the land market is higher and we poor in financially, we are not able to do that, unless otherwise God did a divine miracle we can’t think about it, right now we are staying in a rental house with all our ten kids, the land lord is not happy to rescue any new babies to this house, so we are struggling to rescue new baby girls, our heart is longing for the baby girls losing their lives every day, we were keep praying and crying to God to make a way, last week we met a man and he said that here is a rich man staying in Chennai city, he has a large area of the land with more than 3 and half acres, he made a fencing wall and staying in city, he is looking a family to care this land for him. We talk much about this a long time.

Finally this man made a phone call to the land owner and shared much about us and what we are in a need, ask him to provide a piece of land to us to build a baby home for free of cost or a cheaper rate, then they will build a home there and care your rest of the land until you sell it, he asked some time to think about it, we were keep praying for that with a hope, this evening the land owner called to this contact person and said that he is coming to visit us tomorrow 30th Sunday, when we hear this news, our whole body were shaking and our hearts is looking as the Deer pants for streams of water, we do not know what he going to say tomorrow, if this man blessed a land for our babies! That would be great and we fulfill our vision.

I have attached a picture of the land, could you please take a moment and touch your hand on the picture and pray! God would speak to this man’s heart to bless a piece of land, it would be a free of cost, if he ask large amount! We can’t do that. God would work on this, thank you so much for your help on this and standing before the Lord with us, I can’t wait to update tomorrow evening.


Russal, Kumari and Babies.

Finally we finda a house

Posted by Russal on May 3, 2011 at 5:13 AM Comments comments (0)

Thanks for being a part of our ministry and upholding with your prayers and the financial helps, we keep looking a house to stay our babies, finally one family agree to give their house to stay our babies “Praise the Lord” so far we looked more than 38 houses around we stay, every one receive us nicely and open their house to look, finally they ask how many people you going to stay! When we say about our 10 babies! They say “Oh” no, we will not give our house to stay all these babies.

We had many experience and challenging in our visits: two weeks back Kumari and me went to look a house, that is very nice one, we read a word top of the house “Mercy House” we said to the landlord that we like this house, he asked about the number of the family and said No, we will not give our house to stay many children, I said him, thanks for your heart, but, you put a nice name to your house, please change the name as “Merciless House” he made a smile and said, this is my sun’s house, I can do what he want to do.

Last 27th of April we look another house and talk with the landlord, I explain our situation and the family member, he agree and said to go on 30th with the advance, 30th Saturday morning we went there and waiting for him, after an hour he came and said, I talk with my family, they don’t want to give to the Christian, I was getting little angry that time, but I control myself and said, we love Jesus and put all our hope on him, He’ll permit everything for good in our life. When Kumari and me return from there, both we really cried on the motor cycle, whenever we entered into the house our babies ask “Dad did you find a house?” because they all know and praying every day in the family prayer. I fall before the Lord again and said; Lord, I don’t have any more strength to cry or talk with the people, I know you can do everything for us, God comfort us with the scripture of John 16:33. That was really encouraging and keeps looking a house.

Finally we find a house: Three days back one of my friends called me and said there is a house is available in the corner of our area. As a rule, I went myself and talk with the landlord, they are just old couple staying with their granddaughter in the same street, I explain all about us and our babies, I said we will take care of your house nicely, that is our priority, they agree to give us, they are very humble and nice people as much we knew, may be the another reason, this house is very corner place and little far from the main road, so people don’t want to take this house, any way we really thank God for his faithfulness. I print an rental agreement and went this morning, but they said, Wednesday morning (tomorrow) they will Sing in the agreement and give the key. This evening we go there and clean the house, tomorrow we shift things over there, Thursday we will completely move to the new house, please keep praying for us and the landlord, Satan should not enter into their mind and change the decision.

Right now Kumari is little sick, I am also but not too bad, shifting house is very hard work, I ask some friends to help, but they all busy, we need your prayers, In Jesus name, next shifting should be in our own house. “Amen”

Looking a house for rent

Posted by Russal on March 31, 2011 at 12:08 PM Comments comments (1)

Right now we are staying in a rental house with all our 10 babies, this may complete our 3 years rental agreement, so the house owner said to vacate the in May, it is very hard to find a new house, people do not want to give their house to stay many people, so far we looked 19 houses and talked with the landlords, but no one are willing. Everyone says you have many people, also if stay many kids in the house, they will make broke the walls, all are worrying about their property, don’t have a mercy heart for our little babies, we still pray and looking a house, we are sure! God will prepare a place to stay our babies.

Also seriously we are thinking to build a permanent house to stay our babies, we need to purchase a land and build a house this year, this is not a easy, but by God it is possible, if God put a thought in your heart, please help us financially, that would be a great help stay our little babies.

With much love and thanks,

Russal, Kumari and Kids.

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