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Baby Incubator Quotation

Posted by Russal on December 1, 2013 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)

We need to purchase this Baby Incubator in order to get the Adoption Certificate, if we get the adoption certificate we can save many more babies lives from the death and give adoption to families and other countries too, could you please pray about this needs! Your heartfelt donation help us to save little baby girls life.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.


Russal and Kumari.








We Found and Visited Another Baby-Girl Murdering Village:

Posted by Russal on February 22, 2013 at 12:10 PM Comments comments (1)

We Found and Visited Another Baby-Girl Murdering Village:


By Russal Raj, co-founder and Chairman, Destitute's Charitable Trust and Girl Baby Home, CHENNAI, INDIA:


We keep researching new areas where people are killing their baby girls. We're so grateful to the Lord, for He has enabled us to save 11 baby girls so far. However, we found another village where people are killing their baby girls.


We prayed and made a visit there on the 18th of February. I contacted an area pastor, and we both went to a village hospital and met some key people. (Unfortunately for security reasons, I can’t give specific details in public.) They shared many terrible stories. It really broke my heart.


They said that many village people are coming to this hospital to give delivery. Most of them do not like or want their baby girl. All of their family will be unhappy if the baby is female!


They become so sad when they find out that the baby is a girl. Sometimes, such sad people even try to kill the baby right there in the hospital, but they are concerned about being caught.


As soon as possible, they discharge and head toward their home. Most of them kill their baby girl before they reach their house. They then lie by telling everyone that the baby died in the hospital.


These things have been happening for a long time now. No one here seemed to care or worry about the innocent baby girls being murdered. We care. That's why we started Girl Baby Home!


I humbly talked with the people of the hospital to get them to help us save baby girls. I ask them to just give us a phone call and to protect the baby from the family until we reach there. Then we will take care of the child. They said yes.


However, I understand that they expect money to do it. I told them that we are not rich. God gave us a burden to save baby girls. Please be part of that with us. "We will try to help you as much as we can," they said at the hospital.


Most of the parents ask for money or they won't let us have their baby but rather kill her.


I spend much time with the families, and I plead with them not to kill their baby or to ask us for money we need to take care of the girls we already have and to take care of their baby if they'll let us have her.


I asked this new family to inform us when the baby is available. I told them we will help them as much as possible. Finally, they agreed!


We keep praying for merciless people to change their minds and hearts and give their innocent babies a chance at life.


Talk With Yet Another Family:


When I was getting ready to go visit this village, I got another phone call from one of our contacts in yet another village. He said that a family is going to deliver a girl this week. They must have had ultrasound or something. They plan to kill her as soon as she is born.


He talked with them to give over the baby, but they don't want to let her live. They falsely believe, satanically believe, the baby will bring a curse upon their whole family. What nonsense! What paganism! What wicked superstition!


I said to him to go again with his wife and talk with the parents to give the baby to us if they don't want to care for her. Still the family refused.


As planned between us, my contact phoned me and turned the phone call over to the family. I prayed to God for wisdom. I used some good points with them and told them we would arranged a clinic to deliver the baby and would pay the hospital charges. They finally agreed.


It brings much joy to our hearts, but still we keep praying that evil, darkness, the devil, should not go again into them and change their minds.


We urge you all to keep praying that the parents of this unborn girl will change and want to keep her and to love and care for her. But if they won't listen to God, as so many don't, then pray that God will deliver the girl over into our hands to love her and care for her and to raise her up to become a fine, upstanding woman, a credit to God. If God wants to use us to save, we are here Lord.


Stopping Female Infanticide:


We want to save these little babies lives; but at the same time, we want to stop the practice altogether.


In fact, the percentage of infanticide is reducing. Some NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) are conducting awareness programs and educating people. We too conduct awareness programs and want to do more and more of it in different villages.


There are many financial needs right now though. Already we are struggling to find a house for our Girl Baby Home. Still, we keep trying to save baby girls. At the same time, we are afraid concerning our current landlord because he does not agree to having so many people in our rented house. If we bring more babies home, there is a possibility he will evict us right away.


If God provides us with land and a house that Destitute's Charity Trust will own outright, then we will not need to worry but can save many more babies.


We urge you to continue to pray and to uphold us.


We are working on a Donation Campaign for Land and Housing and will update our Facebook Page the moment it is ready. Then you will have all the information needed to show your family, Facebook and other friends, your relatives, and your co-workers, etc., what we are doing and how to help us save these little ones Jesus loves and loves you for helping to save them from evil.


Thank you all so much for your great compassion. We couldn't do this without you!


May the Lord bless all of you.


From everyone at Destitute's Charity Trust and Girl Baby Home,



Russal Raj


Saved another justborn baby girl

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Dear Friends,

Hope you all doing great, continuously you are in our prayer and thoughts, thank you so much for your prayers and being as a blessing. We are so glad to inform that God enabled us to save an another two days baby girl on 25th of this month, with this little one we saved “11” baby girls so far ‘Praise the Lord’



After we saved our 10th baby Jessica, about two and half years we are praying and working on to save another baby girl, there were some hindrance because of the housing and financial lack, but we keep visiting the new villages and talking with people, on Oct-24th morning I got a phone call from my conduct person and he said that this morning a baby girl born in a hospital, the parents are planning to kill her, he talk with the parents but they do not want to give the baby, I said him to give the phone with parents and I talk with them, I plead with them do not kill the baby and give to us, we will care her, they didn’t agree but finally they said to pay the hospital bill and take the baby, right away I said to my friend to arrange the money and pay the bill, we are coming with the money. Until the evening we were waiting for the phone call, late evening he said Doctor will release the baby next day evening only, in the night most of the time we were praying and waiting for the morning, in the morning we settled the things in our house and Kumari and me moved to the village, it about 8 house travel by bus, around 4p.m. we reached the village, when they see us, asked some more money, totally we paid $400 and got the baby “Praise the Lord” I had a written document with me, I got the signature from the  parents, it is the evidence for us. The nurse helped us lots, she asked 3000 rupees for her work, we paid her, otherwise next time she will not help, any way totally we spend $500 to save this little lovey baby. We thank to some people and turn back to home, we got the bus at night and the early morning 3.20a.m. we reached our home.



Before we leave we said to all our ten babies that mummy has a baby in her stomach, we are going hospital to take the baby out, tomorrow morning you will see a new baby, they so thrilled and so excited, next day morning they came and see the baby, all of them love the new baby. We named her as “Princy”



We wants to save more babies, and the same time we want to stop the practice of baby murdering, we keep working on to conduct some awareness programs in different villages, also we are in a rental house, the house owner not happy to stay more people in his house, we keep praying for a land to build a home for these little babies, if we have a own building! We can save many more babies and care them safe, also the needs are increasing as the babies grow, we need your continue prayers and help.


With Much Love and thanks,

Russal, Kumari and Babies.
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An immediate prayer request?

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For long time we are praying to buy a land to build a home for our girl baby home, but because of the land market is higher and we poor in financially, we are not able to do that, unless otherwise God did a divine miracle we can’t think about it, right now we are staying in a rental house with all our ten kids, the land lord is not happy to rescue any new babies to this house, so we are struggling to rescue new baby girls, our heart is longing for the baby girls losing their lives every day, we were keep praying and crying to God to make a way, last week we met a man and he said that here is a rich man staying in Chennai city, he has a large area of the land with more than 3 and half acres, he made a fencing wall and staying in city, he is looking a family to care this land for him. We talk much about this a long time.

Finally this man made a phone call to the land owner and shared much about us and what we are in a need, ask him to provide a piece of land to us to build a baby home for free of cost or a cheaper rate, then they will build a home there and care your rest of the land until you sell it, he asked some time to think about it, we were keep praying for that with a hope, this evening the land owner called to this contact person and said that he is coming to visit us tomorrow 30th Sunday, when we hear this news, our whole body were shaking and our hearts is looking as the Deer pants for streams of water, we do not know what he going to say tomorrow, if this man blessed a land for our babies! That would be great and we fulfill our vision.

I have attached a picture of the land, could you please take a moment and touch your hand on the picture and pray! God would speak to this man’s heart to bless a piece of land, it would be a free of cost, if he ask large amount! We can’t do that. God would work on this, thank you so much for your help on this and standing before the Lord with us, I can’t wait to update tomorrow evening.


Russal, Kumari and Babies.

Visit a new baby murdering village...

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I really thank God for he gave us an opportunity to visit an another baby murdering village, in Tamil Nadu, two different district people killing their baby girls as soon as they were born, one is Madurai district, we visit there and saved ten baby girls as you all known, another district is Salem, for long time we were praying to visit this village, now God gave me an opportunity to visit there, in our last month home visit I met a girl who is working in the hills as a missionary, she saw our ten babies and asked about them, when I explain, she said that in her ministry areas many people are still killing their baby girls, so she called me to make a visit the village, I really thank God and fixed a date to visit.

On 10th evening I moved to the Salem district by bus, morning 6a.m. I reached the bottom of the hills, from there only one bus going two times a day, I hair a jeep, two hours to reach the village, hills road is so bad, there was waiting the missionary girl for me, I enter into the village with smiling, people speaking Tamil language, but it is hard to understand, I sit with the girl and know about the people, the terrible stories really broke my heart.

There are ten villages in an area called Kunoor, 75 to 100 families living each village, only one government school for these 10 villages, it 1st to 8th grade, more than 200 children studding in the school, but only one teacher and one headmaster for all these children, some parents came to the school, I talk with them, one lady said: we have two boy and one girl, all are studding in this school, we had another two girls, but we killed them as soon as they were born, because we cannot care them, many more terrible stories like this, I talk with a village man, he said, baby girl murdering is very common in these area, many people hide the baby with alive! Some people pore salt water to the baby and kill her, some people gives a poison which made by plants and many other terrible method.

I just move to the school and play with the children, they were shy to close to me, I took some photos and show to them, then all came around me, they are look like very bad, weekly once they wash their cloths and take shower, many children had running nose and wounds on their face and whole body, parents go to work in the jungle and come back late evening, no one is to care them, I could see they really longing for love, even in the short time I hug them and show the love of God, a few minutes I explain them how to be clean, when I leave them they asked Anna (Brother) when you will come again, my eyes filled with tear and said soon I’ll meet you again.

Again I walk around the village and talk with the girl how we can save these baby girls, she said, they have a medical room, people come for the treatment and many pregnant ladies come for the delivery, in the beginning several years back people leave the baby girls with them, they give them in the city people those are don’t have babies, lately village people misunderstand that they selling their babies and earn money, after that they are not leaving babies with them, after delivery a baby girl they take her with them, if they ask baby! They says: we need our baby, we want to care her, but after they go home right away kill the baby and hide in the jungle, they do not want to give the baby to any individual or children home, there is a only one option to change their mind: we need to conduct some awareness programs in every villages, explain them who we are, what we are doing and how we save these baby girls and care their futures, also we can show our ten babies pictures, then definitely they will change their mindset and let the baby girls to be alive!

It is a big task, need to spend much time and money, we would make a project work over there, our heart is really broke and longing for these innocent baby girls dying, looking unto God to make a way, we urge you continue to pray for us and these people, we are sure one day our prayer will be answered...


God's Provision...

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Dear friends and Prayer partners,

We just want to give a quick update how God protect and providing for our baby girls, by God’s grace all our ten babies are doing great, nine of them are doing school and they going to have holyday from 20th of April 2012, all are so excited to go for the next level from June 2012, one month and ten days they going to be have fun at home, but I know many of the things going to break even we keep them safe! Yes! That much they play and enjoy, we love to see their fun! They really want to go for a vacation, but we are not able to take them long, pray to take them at least a few days.


They are so excited to go for the next class from LKG to UKG, UKG to 1st Std and 1st Std to 2nd from June 2012, as they upgrade the school fees also going higher, I talk with the school principal and they gave us a price list to pay for the next year school fees, it needs to pay before the end of this month (April 2012), I made a budget for one year entire expense for nine babies, it comes around 2764 USD, I send a prayer request to all my friends list, “Praise the Lord” so far we raised 1350 USD, still we need 1414 $, we trust the Lord for the rest and keep praying for it. If 29 people help with 50$! Completely cover, we urge you continue to pray for us.

Once again thank you so much for your time to go through.

With Much Love and thanks,

Russal, Kumari and Babies.


Please help for our nine babies school fees

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Dear friends and Prayer partners,

By the grace of God and all of your prayers, all our babies are doing great; April 20th our babies get holyday, now the summer started in Chennai, even the beginning too much hot, April and May going to be very hot, we are planning to take them for a vacation! But it depend upon the God’s provision, we are in much concern about our babies next year school fees.

Nine of our babies are studding in LKG, UKG and 1st STD, all of them are studding very well, they are so excited to go for the next level to UKG, 1st STD and 2nd STD from June 2012, I talk with the school principal and they gave us a price list to pay for the next year school fees, it needs to pay before the end of next month (April 2012), I made a low budget for one year entire expense for nine babies, it comes around 2764 USD, it really large amount for us, so for we a hope for 600$, still we need 2164 $, we trust the Lord and keep praying for it. If you find this mail! Could you please pray about it and consider to assisting with a financial help for our little babies school fees? Even a small amount will make brightness in our babies’ life and their futures. We want to see them as a well-educated and high possession before the people those were rejected them as worthless.

Kindly we urge you to help some as much you can, also if possible please share this mail to your friends, In that way may be some of others can read it and may be help! If 72 people help with 30$ it comes more than enough. we have attached a web link to pay online, also can pay via wire transfer and western union, every pit of your sacrificial donations directly go to the babies needs through the Non-Profit Organization (Destitute’s Charitable Trust)

Once again thank you so much for your time to go through this and looking forward to hear from you.


With Much Love,

Russal, Kumari and Babies.

Angel's surgery went successfully

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Baby Angel’s Open heart surgery:

God has done a great miracle in our baby Angel’s open heart surgery, first of all we thank to our wonderful God, he has the power to take and give life to all man kinds in the world, and we would like to thank you all from the bottom of our heart for all your valuable prayers and the financial help, we know thousands of people consider as their own baby and prayed for Angel. God heard all our prayers and healed our little baby. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

When we recognized the problem:

We like to give you quick update all about Angel. When Angel was three days baby, we rescue and brought to our Girl Baby Home, we watch that her heart feats too fast, so we consult with a doctor, he took an Echo and said: she has a hole in her heart, but no need to take any treatment right now, just leave it until she come to five years old, then we can decide what to do further. So we were monitoring her health and waiting for the 5 years complete. On 12-11-2011 Saturday we take Angel to the hospital, two doctors take two Echo Scans and examine her health, both they said that she has a hole in her heart, so she need to do an open heart surgery as soon as possible. There was no specialty for the surgery so we decide to take her to a big hospital in Chennai.---------------------------------------------------------------------

We take her to two mainline hospitals in Chennai:

In Chennai there are two main and big hospitals for the heart surgery, the first one is “Apollo Hospital” this is very famous in India, mostly rich people, political leaders and the movie actors go to this hospital, because that much expensive, but they are giving very good care. And another one is “Frontier Lifeline Hospital”. To this hospital mostly all kinds of people go, so we wait one day and 14-11-2011 Monday morning we take Angel to this hospital, they took so many tests top to bottom, finally a team of doctors surround us and explained what is the problem to Angel and how can cure it. We really cried before them, but they encouraged us and said: many parents not find their kid’s health problem and come to us at the final stage, but you people were monitoring her health and came at the right time, no need to worry for anything, just arrange money and come for the surgery, she will be alright. We keep cry to the Lord for the needs and the safe surgery, many of our friends recommended to go many hospital!, but we pray and waiting to hear from God, finally God lead us into a right direction, one of our well knows doctor called her friend in Apollo hospital and explained about us and said to do the surgery over there, what a wonderful! He agrees and said to consult with him right away. I take all the medical reports and consult with Dr.Nebil Solomon and Dr.Muthukumaran on 28-11-2011, they are very kind, I explain about our Girl Baby Home and our situation, they really response to us and gave a date for next week. But they called us earlier on 30th evening and said to admit next day (01-12-2011) They didn’t take any extra charges, just normal cost as other hospitals, they will collect from the rich people, but they really help for the poor, I was so happy, I don’t have words to explain how much I thank God for he gave us a chance to do the surgery in Apollo Hospital. I remember the word; Proverb. 22:29 and thank God.------------------------------------------

Angel’s surgery went successfully:

On the 1st of December morning we went to the hospital and admit Angel, we saw many children are waiting in the same ward for the surgery about a week, but our doctor came for the visit at night and said Angel’s surgery is tomorrow morning, it’s really God’s grace, Kumari and me were with Angel, both we didn’t sleep, crying and praying to the Lord whole night, morning 3a.m. we gave a cup of milk to baby, then 7:30a.m. We take Angle to the third Flore, Angle was sleeping in my shoulders, at 8.a.m. they take Angel from me and went into the operation theater, she cried loudly! Dad! Don’t leave me, I don’t want go with them......, it really broke our heart, we both cried with her. I couldn’t explain how much we had pain that time… I have faced many difficult and painful situations before this!, even I never cry, but in this situation I couldn’t control myself…, our God is so faithful, operation went about four hours, during this time I call many pastors and ask them to pray, send SMS and update in Facebook via mobile phone, thousands of people were praying for Angel during her surgery, we were waiting in the waiting hall, Praise the Lord, at 12:30p.m. We heard good news that her surgery went successful and we can see Angel. Right away we ran and went up, didn’t wait even for the lift to come down, we saw our lovely baby in the ICU, one nurse said: surgery went well, but we can’t say anything conform, it take three days to she became normal, again our heart broke, but we trust in the Lord, he care our baby more than us, He will save our baby. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

We were keep praying and waiting for the next turn to visit baby until evening, at 7p.m. we went to the ICU and saw our lovely baby! She was sleeping with tired, we were looking her with tear, and one nurse came and said: your baby is alright, at 5.p.m. she open her eyes and asked where is Mom and Dad? We said they are in down Flore, coming to see you; do you want something to drink? She said yes and had a cup of milk and slept, she is getting speedy recovery, and like this fast recovery we see is very rare. Yes this really God’s miracle. Next day morning when we see baby, she talk to us and said wants to come with us, we said please wait one more day, tomorrow we will take you and we stay together, as we said, next day after noon they change her to the ward from UCU, usually four days must be in ICU, seven days in the ward, but our baby just 2 and half days in ICU and another 2 and half days in the ward, in the fifth day we discharge from the hospital and came to home, it is really amazing! Yes! This happen because of our prayers. When she come to home, all other babies so happy to see Angel and welcomed her, our eyes filled with tears when we see how much they love each other.---------------------------------------------------------------------


Angel had a vision as Jesus standing near her during the surgery:

I ask Angel, what happened after you go into the operation theater? She said: when they take me from you I cried loudly, they said don’t cry, we give you chocolate and toys, but I keep crying, after some time I slept, that time I saw; Jesus standing near me with smiling, he was wearing white cloths, he put forth his hand and take me in His shoulder, I just slept on His shoulder and then when I woke up, I was in a bed, three aunties were near me, I ask where is mom and dad? They talk to me and gave milk to drink. What a wonderful! God was with Angel during the surgery. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Before Angel said this: one of my friend’s Dad called me during the surgery and said: he was fasting and praying for Angel during the surgery, he saw a vision as Jesus went into the operation theater, people asked Him; why you come here? Who send you inside? Jesus replayed: this is my daughter; I will be with her where she is! Yes! We know, thousands of people were praying for Angel during the surgery, then how Jesus can stay away! He was with Angel and upholds her during the surgery. And also Angel is a faithful and praying girl, she pray for even a small thing, she has a fear of the Lord even from this childhood, this is the third time we see how God loves Angel and save her from the dangerous.---------------------------------------------------------------------

• The first one is: As soon as Angel was born! Her parents tried to kill her because, she born in a wrong month, so she brings curse to their family, but God saved her from them and gave to us to care for Him.---------------------------------------------------------------------

• The second one is: After ten days her parents tried to get baby back to kill her, because one priest said them: don’t leave her alive, if she alive! It brings curse to your family. We cried and cry to God, He gave us a wisdom to solve the problem, God destroyed devil’s plans saved our baby from them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

• This is the third time she was fighting with her life! All the time God was with her and saves her, what a faithful God we serve! We need your continue prayers for Angel as well as all other babies.---------------------------------------------------------------------


A real story how God protect Children:

I remember a real story which I have shared in many children’s programs, hope this will encourage you! One 7 years old boy named Kumar, he was not a Christian, there was a church on the way he go to school, morning and evening everyday he stand before the church and say “Jesus, I am Kumar is here” he never forget to say this whenever he goes that way, suddenly one day he had a very bad accident and admitted in the emergency ward, doctors said: we tried our best but not able to save him, parents and relatives were crying out side, suddenly he woke up and seek and asked, where is Jesus?! They all surprised and asked him who said you that Jesus is here? He replayed; Jesus came near me and said “Kumar, I am Jesus is here” what a wonderful, he recover quickly and worship the Lord with his family, he seek Jesus when he was well, Jesus seeks him when he was ill! In the same way he saved our baby. Yes! Jesus loves all the children, He always care for them, we saw it in our own eyes and we are the living witness. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

How Angel is doing now?

Angel is doing great after the surgery, her wound and stripe are healing and hiding fast, now she is eating well, we are giving much care and healthy foods for her, doctors said; she needs to increase 5 kg Wight within 3 months’ time, we are planning to send her to school on next year June, we need your continue prayers for her.---------------------------------------------------------------------

Once again we thank you for your valuable prayers and financial helps, we never and ever forget all your good deeds for this cause, I am maintaining and keeping records each and everything for the future evidence, one day when our babies grow! They will see it and praises God, we are sure they will thank you personally even we forget. Please keep praying for us to serve these little babies lives. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

With much love and thanks,

Russal, Kumari and Babies.bieshome

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Please pray for baby Angel's open heart surgery

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Dear friends,


Our second baby Angel needs to have an open heart surgery as soon as possible, the 3rd day of after she born we take her to our baby home, her parents left her in the hospital because she born in the month of Ati (mid-July to mid-August), that mean they believe; if a girl baby born in the month of Ati; it brings curse to their family, so they kill or through away immediately she born, by God’s grace we save her from them, when we brought her to our home, we found her heart beet is too fast than the normal, so we take her to the hospital for the doctor checkup, doctor said it seems like she has a little problem in her heart, but this time we no need to take any action, just leave some time, when she was two years old we take an Echo scan, doctor found and said she has a hole in her heart, but there is a possibility to cure it itself, so wait until her five years old, and then we can decide what do for further, we were keep praying and watching her health, mean time she can’t eat well, play well and quickly she’ll get tired, we gives a special care and watching her activities, now she is 5 years and 3 month old, last week on 12-11-2011 we take her for the checkup, Dr.Mothan take an Echo and said she has a hole in her heart, so you better to consult with Cardiologist, the same day evening we consult with another doctor Dr.Karthikayan, he checkup the old reports and said he is not clear so he need take another echo scan, right away he take another Echo and said that she has a hole in her heart, it need to fix by open heart surgery only, but In this hospital there is no specialties for the open heart surgery, so let me know when you do surgery, I’ll give a letter to another hospital.


Our hearts really broke and ask God for his good direction for further treatment, in the night after babies slept we both cry and cry to God for a divine miracle and show a good direction for the further treatment, we got a good sign from the Lord to take her to the better hospital, so the day after next day on the Children’s day we we got an appointment and take Angel to the Frontier Lifeline Hospital in Chennai (View here) and consult with Dr.Cherian, this is one of the big hospital in Chennai and the Dr.Cherian is a one of very famous heart surgeon in India. (Read here) Early morning we move to the hospital, one of our friend came with us for help, they took ECG, X-ray and Echo scan again, after we collect all the reports (View doctor report here) afternoon a team of the doctors surround us and explain exactly what is the problem to Angel and how we can clear it, they drew a diagram and explain well, she has a hole in top meddle of her heart, now the large amount of blood going to the right side of the heart, so the right side heart is getting bigger, if not fix it as soon as possible; then too much blood will go to the lungs and mix with the blue blood, once it became blue; then it lead into a very dangerous, when we hear it we couldn’t control ourselves and both we cried before them, they shouted us do not cry in front of the baby.


They asked about us and what we are doing, so I shared something about us and what we are doing, they really surprised and encouraged us, they said nowadays even the own parents are not worry and crying for their own child but you are more compassion for this little baby. Many parents not even watching their children’s health, finally come to the hospital, and then it is very difficult, but you guys follow-up Angel’s health and came at the right time, you are really great, this is the right time to do the surgery and cure the problem, no need to fear at all, we are in a new technology world and we have enough and well equipment with all specialties, so please arrange the money and fix the date for the surgery, you are so lucky, because Angel has a very small problem in her heart when we compare to others and also no need to open her frond side, open her back side for the surgery. Then they send us to another doctor to get estimation for the surgery.


They showed different package of the surgery cost, the surgery cost is the same for all packages but the room rend is different according to the package, we have to stay nine days in the hospital, after the surgery 2 days they care in the ICU and then send to the ward, we chose one very cheapest and general, this cost comes exactly Rs. 2.52 lakhs, (5728 USD) this is very large amount for us, we do not know how we going to arrange it, but we trust on God and keep praying for a divine miracle. We are praying and preparing to do the surgery on the first week of December 2011, next week we go to the hospital and fix the date, so far we do not have any hope finance, we harmfully request you to pray about it and assist with a financial help as much you can, your help never and ever go vain, it helps to save one little baby’s life. You can send a financial help in 3 different ways given below.


To send a donation for the surgery:


1. Please click here to send a donation by online, you will receive a tax exemption receipt for each donation, we will get the money through Equip the Nation right away without any fail.


2. You can send a donation by wire transfer, we will get the money in our bank account within 3 working days, here is our banking detail.


Account Name: P.Russal Raj

Account No.: 910010001057860

Name of the Bank: Axis Bank LTD.

Branch: Tambaram, Chennai.

Branch Code: 000428


IFS Code: UTIB0000428


3. Send your donation via western union and email us the ten digital MTCN No. we give an ID proof and get money right away.


Name: P.Russal Raj

City:    Chennai

State:  Tamil Nadu

Country: India


We really thank and appreciate your heart in this cause, could you please forward this blog link to your contact list, in that way we can get more people’s prayers for Angel and maybe someone can give a donation for the surgery.


With much love and thanks,

Russal, Kumari and Kids.



Baby Angel's health update...

Posted by Russal on November 12, 2011 at 12:55 PM Comments comments (0)

We took Angel to the hospital and take an Echo scan this morning, Dr.Mathan checked her result and said that she has a little problem in her heart so he suggests to consultwith another heart specialist, so right away we consult with Dr.Karthikeyanthis evening, he said that he is not clear in this scan so he need to takeanother scan for his clarification, we said OK and he took another scan, he alsosaid the same that she has a hole in her heart, but it not bring any dangerous,even though the better suggestion is to do a surgery to heal it completely, ittake more than $4600 for the surgery, we cry and cry to the Lord, don’t knowwhat to do for the next, our pastor said to take her to an another big heartspecialist hospital in Chennai and get their opinion too. We are trying to get anappointment; it is very difficult and need high recommendation to get appointment,could you please keep praying for our lovely baby Angel.

We know “nothing is impossible toour God”, For he speak, and it was done; hecommanded, and it stood fast. We put our hope on him, our dear friends! We needyour continue prayers, with all our prayer God can heal without any painfulsituation, I have met and solved many difficult situation, but Angel’s thishealth situation really gave me much worries, I never had like this in my life.

I’llkeep update, once again we thank you for your heart, prayers and theencouragements, looking forward to hear from you.




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