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Heart to Heart:

Greetings in Jesus name, this is our privilege to share with you about our ministry and what we are doing for the kingdom of God in Chennai, India. Thanks for your valuable time to go through this site, as you know or may not know, we are running a "Destitute New born Girl Babies Home" in Tamil Nadu. Here we are saving lives of baby girls who otherwise through belief would be killed. Some district people believe that baby girls are not well and a curse to their family. So they reject them as soon as they are born. In this site, we are giving some short details about how babies are abandoned, how we are saving baby girls from the death, as well as our other tasks of the baby rescue.

Something about us and our Vision:

I am Russal Raj and my wife Kumari Russal, we were both raised in Christian families and committed to the mission after our marriage. In 1998 we came to the ministry as full time workers. From 1998 to May 2006 we were working in an organization called Youth With A Mission. We were involved with the Church Planting Team and worked with the local churches to train the lay leaders to reach the unreached people of Tamil Nadu. Through this ministry we were visited many remote villages where the people are rejecting their baby girls.


When we see this terrible things! Our hearts really broke for these innocent infants, even we working with the team; our hearts was grieving for these babies. We had lots of questions in our hearts and ask God why this happening? And who is going to save these babies from the death? And also we prayed, Lord, we want to save these babies for you, if you want to use us; please give us a conformation, then we know that you are with us as the first person, we do not want to do anything with our own will. Five years we were keep prying for this, mean time we had lots of experience and learn lots of new things, also Kumari had a uterus problem and suffering every month, God completely healed her within this five years.


Conformation of the Vision:

In our marriage life, we were unable to have our own children. Throughout our ministry experience we prayed for many people who couldn't conceive a baby. God heard our prayers and blessed many couples with a beautiful child, we continued praying for our own conception, but this never happened for us. We had a lot of questions. Why God is not giving us a baby? One day during the prayer I asked, "God what plan do you have for us? Why are you not giving us a baby?" God spoke to us clearly with the scripture of Gen. 17:4. ?As for me, behold, my covenant is with thee, and thou shall be a father of many nations? (Our Tamil Bible says: "you shall be a father of many Children") we realized that God had a plan for us and He was going to fulfill it. After that I had a dream that 'many small fish were dying because they were out of water. People were stepping on the fishes; some of them were already dead while others were in dying condition. But no one cared about them. Kumari and I took all the fish and put them back into the water safely'. After I woke-up I shared the dream with my wife, she told me that she had the same dream! We realize that God want to save these babies though us, we should not wait any more and we praise God for that confirmation.

Started to save Babies:

After this confirmation, we started to do some research on where and how these babies were being reject and killed. We collected lots of information, visited some organizations and talked with many leaders with lots of experience, and listened to some helpful advice. Slowly but surely we were getting ready. Our five years prayer burden fulfilled at God?s time. On 23rd June 2006 we registered our non-profit organization named ?Destitute Charitable Trust? and we started our Baby home. "Praise the Lord!" one by one we saved ten lovely baby girls so far, if we say what we face while we saved these babies!!! That would go more than hundred pages. That much we face much problems and difficulties.


A Short Story of receiving Babies:

For example we give you one story shortly. We saved our second baby ANGELINE on 11-08-2006, just ten days difference between first and second baby, everything was new for us, after ten days the parents came with some village people and ask the baby back, but they cannot find where the baby is, that is too far from the village, any way our contact person contact us by telephone and explained the situation, Kumari and me were crying with the baby, we don?t want to give our lovely baby back to them, we do not know what to do that situation, I talked with some other friends and get their opinion, all of them said the baby is better to be with her parents, so you give baby back to them, again we both pray to God and ask Him for the wisdom. We do not had any peace in our hearts to give baby back to them, God gave me a thought to ask the people why they want to get baby back, immediately I called our contact person and said him to go to the village and know the reason why want baby back. There the truth came out, they parents went to the Magician and said him that their baby has given to someone, the Magician said to them, if your baby alive anywhere in the world that is bring curse to your family, so find the baby and kill her immediately. I said him, go back to the people and talk with them boldly, if you not leave from here immediately we will complaint to the police and put all of you into the jail for the murder case, you are seeking baby to murder, we have wideness in the village. So he said the same and the people turn back. Praise the Lord. Now the lovely baby Angel is growing with joy in Gods presence, just she complete her eight years, she has a heart problem and she had an open heart surgery on 2nd December 2011, now she is all right and crowing fast, when we see her smile, our heart is spilling over with joy and glad, always we thank God for the way he leading us and protecting our babies, each babies has thrilling stories like this, other details and the great stories are given in this site. So please take a moment and go through. We urge you to keep praying for us and our baby girls.

How many babies we want to save?

We are not only just saving babies from being murdered; we want to stop this practice. We conduct many awareness programs in the villages where the murdering is happening. We educate them on how wrong it is to murder babies, that babies are a gift from God, how they can care for them and so on. Since we began conducting these programs in the villages, we have seen changes in their mindset and the number of babies being murdered is going down. 70 percentage of the murdering is stopped; we are sure within several years this practice will no longer be happening. But this moment, 30 percentage babies still being killed, we want to save more as much we can. Now about sixteen people are staying in a rental house, this house is not enough even for all to stay together, also the land lord not intrested to stay many people at this house, if we take more babies, that is very difficult to care them as healthy and it is not a hygienic. Even now, if one baby gets sick, immediately spread to other babies, may be the truth is they do not have the mother feeding, also we have to separate them from the sick, but we do not have enough place to keep them separately. Also the other thing is: people are not willing to give their house to stay these little babies, they think that the babies will make dirty their house. After lots of difficulties we find this house, they agree for 2 years, but early they told to vacate the house before the end of June 2013. We are praying to purchase a land and build a house for our babies, then they can play freely, use the house as they wish, no one will ask question to them, also that would be a great help to save new babies and care them safely. We know God will do that, because He is the father of these babies, He just appointed us to care them; He has the real concern about them more than us, please keep this important needs in your prayers.


Growth and health of babies: 

 Ten of our babies are going to a English school and learning three languages (English, Tamil and Hindi) school Principal and teachers said to us that all these children are very special to us, very good obedience, learning well and being very neat in the class room, showing the love of God with all other class met. That is really great, at home, they sit with us in the family prayer, sing and pray with us, we are teaching them to love Jesus and pray to him.  from this child hood they started to love Jesus, when a baby do any mistake they say ?do not do that, Jesus don?t like this? in the school too if one student feel like sick, they says: when we get sick we pray to Jesus, he hear our prayer and heals us, so if you pray to Jesus, he will heal you immediately, we are so glad to hear this from the school teachers. Always they like to watch Christian worship and Children VCDs, so most of the free time we play it for them. Also we are teaching them Karnatical music, weekly once a music master coming and teaching Indian classical music, it really great to see them sing. This academic year 2015-2016 we got admission in a International school, its a really God's miracle, we are so greatful to God for our kids going to study in a international school, we are sure that they are going to be a great witness for the world. please read more here




High School certificate,
48 University credit hours towards a degree in Biblical Studies,
Eight years ministry experience in YWAM.
Children ministry master training,
Care cell master training,
Counseling master training,
Administration (SOA. School of Office Administration)
Social health and Community Development,

Social network and Children Development,
Leadership master training,
Computer courses.


High School certificate,
Two-years of Bible College with a diploma,
24 credit hours with the University of the Nations,
Eight years ministry experience in YWAM.


Destitute?s Charitable Trust, is a Charitable Trust in the service of mankind, is based at Chennai, India. Established with registration no.2278 dt.23.06.2006. Destitute?s Charitable Trust has been doing service for young female victims of abandonment due to cultural and sexual discrimination in India. We are also registered under Sec.12 AA of the IT Act. 

[Last update: 02-2013]

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